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Statute Summaries

Used Statute Summaries Textbooks

Statute summaries textbooks are the one resource that can link lawyers from all different states and various countries together. We have a superb collection of the most recent statute summaries textbooks for all 50 American states, as well as variety of different geographical regions and countries. Law students and legal practitioners will find a wealth of practical applications for these statute summaries textbooks.

New and Used Statute Summaries Textbooks for the 50 States

We proudly feature statute summaries textbooks for all 50 of the United States. Even Hawaii and Alaska are included in this collection. These books are great tools for practicing lawyers who live close to state lines and wish to develop a client base in two or three different states. They are also handy for multistate organizations who want to explore the facets of labor laws, education laws and tax laws in the various states in which their corporate entities are located. No matter what your area of concentration is, these state-specific statute summaries textbooks will enhance your understanding of the law.

International Statute Summaries Textbooks

Are you looking for great law textbooks on statues that transcend international borders? This is the place to find all types of international statute summaries textbooks. Many of these titles are categorized by region, such as the European Union or South Asia, or by country, such as Argentina or New Zealand. No matter what country you are practicing law in, researching or preparing for a day in court, these new and used international statute summaries textbooks have important information that you can use. Even those countries with historically complex and even harsh legal systems are feature in this collection of statute summaries textbooks. The practical legal applications from places like China, South Korea and Egypt are contained in the pages of these new and used statute summaries textbooks.

Old Editions of Cheap Statute Summaries Textbooks

Are you in search of older editions of cheap statute summaries textbooks? Look no further because we have publications dating back to past years. Some of these older editions are brand new. There is also a great selection on used statute summaries textbooks at unbeatable prices. Older editions of statute summaries textbooks make great additions to reference libraries or workplace tools. Some of the statute summaries textbooks are real gems that you won't find anywhere else. Choose from a variety of old editions of cheap statute summaries textbooks for extra special savings today.

Whether you need to find local, state, or international information, the statute summaries textbooks here will help you accomplish the job.