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Williamsburg, VA (MarketWire) November 3, 2009

When originated in 2001, its founders had no idea how big it would become. Eight years later and now the leading price comparison website for finding cheap textbooks online, has helped students save millions of dollars on college textbooks.

By finding the cheapest prices on new and used textbooks through, students can save up to 95% off bookstore prices — significant savings that any struggling student can appreciate. The website offers a revolutionary price comparison tool that hunts down the cheapest prices on textbooks at multiple online stores, listing prices along with any available free shipping offers, coupon codes or specials.

"As a fledgling startup in 2001 our goal was to help as many students as possible to save money on their college textbooks," said a representative. "We feel we have gone above and beyond this goal, but have not stopped improving our process to help customers save even more money!" is constantly updating their database to maintain the most up-to-date listing of new and used textbooks for nearly any subject or course. Students can search for the college textbooks they need quickly and easily using the Title, Author, Keyword or ISBN (International Standard Book Number). If a textbook can't be found on — it probably doesn't exist!

When asked if had any future milestones or plans for the next eight years, the representative responded: "We just want to continue doing what we do best — help students save money on textbooks. We will continue to change and adapt with the textbook industry, and look forward to another eight, ten, twenty or fifty years doing what we do."

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