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Used Research Textbooks

Research textbooks play a critical role in medical research, expounding upon the latest advancements made in the field. Whether you are a student or doctor looking for the newest treatments for your patients, our new and used research textbooks can help you make strides in your practice or study endeavors.

Basic and Cheap Research Textbooks

If you need to master basic skills like writing, editing, publishing, or organizing data, then you need to start by exploring some of our detailed basic research textbooks. These books are geared toward students and medical professionals who want to learn how to present their findings to others. Whether you need to master Chicago Manual Style, American Psychological Association Style, or Modern Language Association of America Style, there are a range of basic research textbooks here to get you started. These books contain practical examples and hints on how to produce a well-organized research paper. You can also develop general academic writing skills by exploring these new and used research textbooks.

New and Used Research Textbooks on Methodology

Some of the popular research textbooks here include titles that will help you master a variety of different methodologies. Many of the books contain practical case studies and examples that will transform your study and practice of research into a more meaningful experience. Look for comprehensive guides to statistics, project development, data management, qualitative and quantitative research. Research textbooks on methodology are generally science-based and present tips and techniques on how to develop and defend an argument. The new and used research textbooks here will help you become a well-rounded and scientific medical practitioner. You might just make valuable contributions to the advancement of medicine with the skills and techniques you learn in these research textbooks on methodology.

Area-Specific Research Textbooks

Are you capable of writing a grant to secure funding for your research initiatives? Do you have what it takes to craft and defend a dissertation or thesis? The answers to these questions are inside our area-specific research textbooks. You will find practical resources, exercises, computer programs and guides to accomplish specific tasks in the research arena. Whether you want to learn how to craft objective surveys, draft a winning grant application, or find step-by-step instructions for completing your doctoral dissertation, all the information you need is available here. Area-specific research textbooks will help you answer burning questions and set you up for success in a variety of challenging areas of the research field. Choose a variety of cheap area-specific research textbooks that will lead you to success from start to finish.

Research is a long and arduous process. Make sure you are armed properly for the journey by stocking up on a variety of reference guides and methodology resources from this collection of cheap research textbooks.