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Artificial Intelligence

Used Artificial Intelligence Textbooks

Artificial intelligence textbooks delve into an ever-changing field that is broad and diverse. AI continues to change each day, and we are dedicated to providing a collection of comprehensive artificial intelligence textbooks that stay abreast of the developments. The textbooks here cover topics ranging from the history of artificial intelligence to building your very own robot. Cheap artificial intelligence textbooks make a great addition to any home, school or office library.

History of Artificial Intelligence Textbooks

Computers are responsible for artificial intelligence, and its evolution over the years is fascinating. Discover important truths about the early beginnings of artificial intelligence and the geniuses who made valuable contributions to the field. These textbooks cover the development of artificial intelligence since its inception in the 1950s all the way through to the modern day, where physicians can perform surgeries with the aid of intelligent robots.

New and Used Artificial Intelligence Textbooks on Robots

You can acquire a great deal of inspiration and insight from our collection of artificial intelligence textbooks on robots. Science teachers, parents and eager students will find a wealth of information and ideas in these new and used artificial intelligence textbooks. There are step-by-step project guides here that can help you build your very own robot at home. Choose from basic robots that you can build in your garage in just one day to more technical ones that require a great deal of circuitry and computer components. Learn how robots apply the principles of computer science with our collection of cheap artificial intelligence textbooks on robots and robot building.

Advanced, Cheap Artificial Intelligence Textbooks

Artificial intelligence is a serious field of study. It even covers the facets of how humans and computers relate to one another, physics, law and much more. Look for a range of cheap artificial intelligence textbooks, guides and manuals here covering these advanced topics that relate to artificial intelligence. Advanced artificial intelligence textbooks make nice choices for high level university students who are determined to make their mark in the field. Try picking up a few of the most popular titles on your wish list from our selection of used artificial intelligence textbooks. The prices are right and the information is just as comprehensive.

Computer enthusiasts, engineers, scientists and physicists will love what we have to offer in our artificial intelligence textbooks. These titles are updated just as quickly as the field continues to change. The very latest books on artificial intelligence are available in our extensive collection.