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Digital Music

Used Digital Music Textbooks

Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of new and used digital music textbooks! With the entire industry becoming digital, it is time to explore these great digital music textbooks to keep up with your favorite artists. Tapes and CDs are relics of the past. Step into the 21st century by exploring the new products and software that is available for digital music. Transform your personal computer or cell phone into music making machine with the information and skills you can learn from these digital music textbooks.

New and Used Digital Music Textbooks on Software

The first step to listening or making music these days is learning how to use computer software for digital music. You will need to learn the basic steps of recording, mixing, and editing, and these digital music textbooks will guide you through each and every phase. Composers and recording artists will love the clear illustrations and comprehensive information in our digital music textbooks on programs like Final Cut Express, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools and Logic Pro. There are also books to help you learn how to use websites like YouTube for professional business. Cut your learning time down by exploring the tutorials, lessons and CD-ROMs that are included with these cheap digital music textbooks.

Video & Digital Music Textbooks

An important portion of filmmaking is the soundtrack, and professionals and amateurs alike will find new skills among these digital music textbooks. If you want to shoot a documentary, become a professional wedding photographer, or transform your home videos into digital masterpieces, then these digital music textbooks are for you. Look for special savings on the very latest tips and techniques for video and digital music in our selection of used digital music textbooks. There are great guides here for PC and Mac users, including software guides on programs like Avid Editing, iMovie and iDVD.

Cheap Digital Music Textbooks on Technique

As you become more confident in your skills with playing and creating digital music, you'll want to take in all the knowledge that you can on solid digital music technique. Explore the facets of producing, mixing, audio editing, and even the business elements of digital music. Look for advice from seasoned professionals in the recording industry and film industry in these digital music textbooks.

Digital music is an exciting world that will continue to grow and change. We will update our collection of cheap digital music textbooks regularly to bring you the most popular titles at great prices.