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Ways to save on cheap textbooks and other stuff while at college.

Saving the best, textbooks that is!

What's your favorite college textbook? I have many that I love and use almost daily. Subjects such as accounting, psychology, economics, biology, chemistry and history are great resources long after your classes are over. I never gave mine up but there is appeal in the ability to sell college textbooks if you don't need them after the semester is over.

    Let's face it, college textbooks cost a fortune. If you want to buy graduate level law college textbooks then you better get ready to shell out almost $200 per book, especially if you don't shop around and compare prices. But we at CheapestTextbooks.com do have a solution to aid you in finding the best price on all college textbooks. Our price comparison search engine will root out the best price and web buying experience available. Just search for your college textbooks, which is easiest with the ISBN, and pick the webstore/price combination you are most comfortable with. Buying college textbooks could not be easier.

    When you are done your semester you have the arduous decision to make about your beloved college textbooks. Do I sell college textbooks or do I keep them? Like I said earlier, if I enjoyed the course and the subject matter I keep them; they are fantastic reference material. Plus, I have all the best information already marked, highlighted, dog-eared and tabbed. However, you do have the option to sell college textbooks and university textbooks. As easy as you bought them there are various outlets at school and online to sell college textbooks.  

    The nice thing is having the option to sell college textbooks. Renting or using ebooks does not afford you that option and personally, I like options. So think carefully about your college textbook purchasing alternatives, look to the future and leave your options open if you decide you want to keep your university textbooks or sell college textbooks.

Money management at college

            Trust me when I say, your parents are panicking about the effects of college on yours and their future.  It’s expensive and the only time in your life when you will spend WAY more than you earn.   However, there are some simple personal finance life-lessons that will help reduce the stress and impact of the cost and let you focus on a 4.0.   Over the next few blogs I hope to convey some concepts that are simple that I have learned and wish I knew when I was in college.

Money management in college is pivotal.  Just buying college textbooks can require a  shopping cart full of cash.  So, finding ways to minimize spend by using an on-line search tool like the one for textbooks at CheapestTextbooks.com is  a great start.  You can save up to 95% off of the list price quickly and easily with a few clicks of the mouse.  

But there are many other things to remember and number one is pay your bills on time.  As in life, timing is everything.  To build and preserve your credit for the future, timing is almost everything.  It seems simple, but just pay the bills on time or simply pay them when you get the bill. Don’t set it aside and forget about it as it will grow money mold.

Credit cards – this is a hot topic and there are 2 sides. Those that think you should not have one and those that think they are a good way to build credit and learn fiscal responsibility. Gee, which camp do you think I am in?  I think that using a credit card wisely and paying it off every month is a great idea.  It is easy to use and a good way of tracking your expenses. Have you ever wondered what happened to the 20 bucks you had in your wallet? Credit is safe but can be abused.  If you are one of those that know they don’t have the discipline to have a credit card, don’t get one.

Focus your spending on college and the associated costs.  Don’t treat a bank account with an influx of cash from mom and dad or summer work or grants as a win fall. Avoid the non-college related debt…don’t buy a new IPod just because you want one and you have a credit card or cash. Your time for debt and toys will come with  the new job after you graduate, that is part of the reward for your hard work at college.

Join a credit union or have a look at on-line banks.  Avoid the big banks with their free t-shirts…in the end they will cost you.

I hope this quick article helps a little. CheapestTextbooks.com is working hard to help save money on college textbooks and its up to you to work on the rest.


Until next time.