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Music: An Appreciation 6th Brief Edition


For students wanting to learn more about music, Music: An Appreciation is a must have textbook.  Author of this textbook, Roger Kamien, received his B.A. in Musicology from Columbia and his M.A. and PhD. from Princeton. He also organized and taught Music Appreciation courses for 2 years at Hunter College and an impressive 20 years at Queens College. 

 This textbook introduces students to musical elements, forms, and musical periods in a chronological order.  Along with engaging pictures, the textbook features musical notation, in order to help students further understand the musical concepts.  Although it is not required for a student to know how to read music notation, for those that do, the notation in the book is a great help.

 Music: An Appreciation also features listening guides.  The listening guides help to focus students on innovative musical events as they unfold though music history.  Also, this textbook is accompanied with a CD comprised of songs by various composers, which help the listener fully understand the distinguishing musical themes of the period they were created in. 

 In summary, Music: An Appreciation is a great textbook for students taking a Music Appreciation course, and for students who simply want to learn more about music.