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CheapestTextbooks.com Selling Comparison Page


If you need to get some extra cash, and want to sell your old textbooks, CheapestTextbooks.com is the place to do it! Our selling comparison page gives you a look at what different merchants are willing to give you for your textbook.  All you have to do is search for your textbook, decide which merchant has the best offer for your book, and then sell it.

 The simple layout to the selling comparison page makes it easy for you to pick which merchant’s offer you like the best.  The far left column tells you the name of the merchants who are willing to give you an offer for your book.  The next column tells you what type of payment they will give you for your textbook, for example cash or check.  The third column displays the amount that the different merchants are willing to pay for your textbook, and the final column on the right is where you click the “sell now” button next to the offer you would like to go with.

After you click the “sell now” button, CheapestTextbooks.com redirects you to that merchant’s site, where you then fill out your information to finalize the transaction!

Since all of the merchants know that they are competing against each other for your textbook, they are sure to offer the best price they can for your book.  If you buy your textbook through CheapestTextbooks.com, you are sure to get a low price for it, then selling your textbook back through CheapestTextbooks.com can get you the highest price for it.  As a result you can even make profit off of your book if you buy and sell it through CheapestTextbooks.com!

As the end of your semester grows close, remember to check out CheapestTextbooks.com for updated buying and selling prices for your textbooks!


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