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Ways to save on cheap textbooks and other stuff while at college.

How to make money with CheapestTextbooks.com

    The last article I wrote focused on reasons to keep your favorite textbooks.  I would not be a good blogger if I did not represent the other side of the textbook. Selling textbooks can be quite lucrative, so let’s have a look at some proof positive.

    When you buy college textbooks through CheapestTextbooks.com you have your choice of new, used or you can rent your textbooks.  There are benefits and drawbacks to each. Personally, I think buying new or used is the way to go.
    Let’s say you buy a new $100 textbook for 40% off the list price via our textbooks search engine on
CheapestTextbooks.com. So you already saved $40 and purchased it for $60.  Now, at the end of the semester you can sell your textbook online, at a textbook store or on campus or even back to the campus bookstore.  It is not unreasonable to sell your college textbooks for a profit! Now that is using your resources and the power of CheaptestTextbooks.com.

    The attached link is to a short video from a local news channel in Sioux Falls, SD of someone that used CheapestTextbooks.com to do just that.  She said she has used CheapestTextbooks.com for 3 years with great success.  Initially she bought books from the campus bookstore but took them all back once she found our site and started doing textbook price comparisons.  She returned her books and with our extensive selection and costs, bought her new and used textbooks via the CheapestTextbooks.com price comparison. An example she cited was a $91 textbook at the campus bookstore that she could buy via CheaptestTextbooks.com for $43.99 used.  As long as the edition does  not change you should be able to easily sell your textbooks and sometimes make a profit! 

    So, saving money upfront when you purchase your college textbooks via CheapestTextbooks.com and then selling them makes good dollars and sense!

    Remember, if you have any questions or would like more information on a topic, drop us a line.  We would love to hear from you.

Saving the best, textbooks that is!

What's your favorite college textbook? I have many that I love and use almost daily. Subjects such as accounting, psychology, economics, biology, chemistry and history are great resources long after your classes are over. I never gave mine up but there is appeal in the ability to sell college textbooks if you don't need them after the semester is over.

    Let's face it, college textbooks cost a fortune. If you want to buy graduate level law college textbooks then you better get ready to shell out almost $200 per book, especially if you don't shop around and compare prices. But we at CheapestTextbooks.com do have a solution to aid you in finding the best price on all college textbooks. Our price comparison search engine will root out the best price and web buying experience available. Just search for your college textbooks, which is easiest with the ISBN, and pick the webstore/price combination you are most comfortable with. Buying college textbooks could not be easier.

    When you are done your semester you have the arduous decision to make about your beloved college textbooks. Do I sell college textbooks or do I keep them? Like I said earlier, if I enjoyed the course and the subject matter I keep them; they are fantastic reference material. Plus, I have all the best information already marked, highlighted, dog-eared and tabbed. However, you do have the option to sell college textbooks and university textbooks. As easy as you bought them there are various outlets at school and online to sell college textbooks.  

    The nice thing is having the option to sell college textbooks. Renting or using ebooks does not afford you that option and personally, I like options. So think carefully about your college textbook purchasing alternatives, look to the future and leave your options open if you decide you want to keep your university textbooks or sell college textbooks.