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Cheapest Textbooks Blog

Ways to save on cheap textbooks and other stuff while at college.

Second Hand Textbooks

We have had a theme lately in our blog here at CheapestTextbooks.com… being proactive. Well, this early-bird approach is also helpful when buying used textbooks and also if you plan to sell used textbooks.


Used textbooks are becoming an excellent way to prepare for the upcoming semester. Fantastic sites, like half.com, have thousands of used textbooks, as well as new textbooks for sale. As you use our search comparison engine you can easily determine which books are new and which ones are gently used textbooks. We get a ton of positive feedback from customers that have chosen to purchase used textbooks. It is well worth the time to review second hand textbooks as an option for buying for the new semester. It can save you a huge percentage off of the list price. Also, used textbooks are often in great shape and someone has already gone through the painstaking task of marking up the important areas for you.

    Now, once you are comfortable with saving a pile if green with by buying second hand textbooks, you can move on to saving more money. How you ask? By using the same sites to sell used textbooks. Just as you got a deal purchasing used textbooks, you can get a good portion of that back by doing a little bit of legwork to sell used textbooks. The best time to sell used textbooks is during finals week. This can increase your refund amount because there will be a high demand for the book, and students can receive up to 50 percent of the book's selling price. There are even resources on the net that help you determine the best price to sell used textbooks.

    Don't wait, the semester's end also offers opportunities to earn (or save) cash with used textbooks sales and purchases. Not only does it save green, but it is "green" to buy second hand textbooks and sell used textbooks.

Shop For New Textbooks

So, it's the end of the semester, and its just not the time to shop for new textbooks, it  is just not on your to-do list. In fact, you might as well wait until the first week of classes to see if you can do without taking time to shop for new college textbooks, only to find out there is a huge assignment due by the next class. Now, the hunt begins to purchase college textbooks.

However, this just doesn't have to be the case when you shop for new textbooks.  Whey you shop for new textbooks, doing the cheap textbook search and finding a good low cost textbook price will take some work on your part. Don’t waste time searching for textbooks at the last minute as students can take advantage of the savings available to those who do research in advance in order to purchase college textbooks.

What we should be hearing is students saying I try to shop for new textbooks a month ahead of time.  This helps in avoiding the mad scramble to not just purchase college textbooks, but also gives a sense of security and ensure students are prepared with low cost textbooks ahead of time.  By using this principle a student that has to buy college textbooks can cut costs significantly when they shop for new textbooks..  

Follow theses simple tips when you shop for new textbooks that you need while keeping excess cash in your wallet or purse…or better yet, the bank!   And on the flip side, don’t forget there is money to be made selling used textbooks, but that is another story. The money you save could be used to go to Cancun on spring break…

So, let’s recap!

  Start early – get an early start by checking to see if your professor posts the student textbooks for your college or university.  If a list is not available, then call the campus bookstore and see if they have a list of them so you can begin your search as you shop for college textbooks. Once you have the list you will have plenty of time to shop for new textbooks or shop for used textbooks online. Preorder your college textbooks ahead of time by searching for the cheap textbooks for sale online with a comparison search engine such as CheapestTextbooks.com.  Don’t procrastinate; it will save you time and money.  Remember the freshman crunch waiting in lines at the college bookstore and avoid it knowing you can plan ahead and purchase college textbooks very cheap…time is money.

Apart from the cost of living and tuition, a big chunk of money goes toward the purchase of college textbooks.  It is inevitable every semester. So, what is your excuse to not be a smart shopper when you shop for new textbooks?